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2019 Tesla Model 3 Hatchback Electric, Price, Review


Tesla Motors are surely the fastest growing car Company in the world because we are all aware that people all around the world wants to take better care about the nature and environment and because of that, electric cars are growing to become most popular. One of those is definitely 2019 Tesla Model 3 Hatchback which is about to become refreshed generation of that famous Model 3 which is surely one of the best-selling electric car in the world. With new generation, he can become even better with no problem.

2018 Tesla Model 3 News, Review, Inside


There aren`t a people on the planet which can say that Tesla Motors is Company that don`t have huge ambition and that they don`t know what are they doing. They`re founded in 2003 and 13 years later, they have so much fans all around the world. Their Model 3 had huge success and because of that, there is no doubt why they have announced new generation to appear in 2018. Let`s see if new 2018 Tesla Model 3 can be even better than his predecessor, Tesla Motors designers and engineers will do everything they can.

2017 Tesla Model Y Review, Release Date

2017 Tesla Model Y front

If there is one company that really can set some standards, especially in the electric car producing, that is definitely Tesla Motors. Tesla Motors is quite young Company named after Serbian scientist which have discovered alternating current energy and because of that, it`s obvious why they have named it that way. This new 2017 Tesla Model Y which is definitely their newest model ready to be introduced and ready to make the customers stunning. Choose new Model Y and you won`t be wrong, it`ll have great range and which is also awesome is that he`s going to look amazing.