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2019 Ford EcoSport Review, Redesign

2019 Ford EcoSport front

The Ford Company has prepared a new compact crossover market, which is the new 2019 Ford EcoSport. This new model will be created at the top level, so is expected to attract great attention of lovers of small SUVs, it is assumed that the chassis of the new EcoSport will be made of aluminum and carbon fiber, so the total weight will be reduced, which will result in improved performance and fuel economy.

2018 Ford Galaxy Review, Release date

2018 Ford Galaxy front

The modern generation of the Ford vehicles has been enjoying the emergence of state of the art rides that have hit the showrooms. 2018 Ford Galaxy one such car is the 2018 Ford Galaxy that will offer many people with an opportunity of enjoying driving a car that is comfortable as well as stable. The Ford Galaxy is regarded as a multi purpose vehicle that will provide reliability in the city and off the road conditions. The car is expected to be bigger and better compared to its predecessors. Major changes are expected on the design, engine performance and the wheels.

2018 Ford Mustang Price, Engine, Speed

2018 Ford Mustang front

It seems that Ford is ready to release newest generation of Mustang, just for the beginning of 2018. This news came to a lot of discussion because everybody wants new Mustang that keeps getting better and better and customers think that Ford really needs one amazing generation of this extremely popular car. According to some leaked information`s, new 2018 Ford Mustang is going to be upgraded in all of the segments and it`s going to be made to beat all the others on the market and to become sport car number 1 for 2018.

2018 Ford Taurus Design, Performance, Cost

2018 Ford Taurus front

The 2018 Ford Taurus will be number seven in the generation this popular full-size sedan that has always been known for great performance, class and also its innovative design. In this new version, the model has plenty of new modifications that inside and outside and much more is still yet to be revealed once this model is released.

2018 Ford Fusion Review and Performance


Over the past few years, Ford`s model called Fusion had so many great sales numbers and now, Ford wants to use that. So, new 2018 Ford Fusion is announced to appear for 2018 year market and we can`t be more happy about it. Still, we can`t hear so much reliable information`s about it but it is easy to say that we are about to experience complete new Fusion. Let`s see everything we know about him so far.

2018 Ford F-150 Exterior, Engine, Interior


F 150 is definitely one of the most popular truck models on the market and Ford is so proud that he can be part of their big family. We just can’t get enough of their models and we just can’t get enough of F150s refreshed generations. New 2018 Ford F-150 will surely be something that can make us more than happy because if somebody knows how to create perfect truck model, it is definitely Ford.

2017 Ford Flex Price, Engine, News


In the latest few years we`ve all seen that the Ford becomes Company which is more and more oriented to the creating amazing SUVs. One of those is surely Flex which is currently one of the biggest topic in the car world. New 2017 Ford Flex is definitely more than amazing and more than capable to make you stunning and happy with his performances.

2017 Super Duty F450 Platinum Redesign, Exterior

2017 Super Duty F450 Platinum front

The Ford F-series of trucks really offer the variety of options to choose from and we have decided to shed some light on 2017 Super Duty F450 Platinum, which is a super-duty truck which will offer huge body, impressive towing capacity and the highest equipment level in the lineup. We really like it and we are sure that you will too.

2017 Ford Explorer Release Date and MPG

2017 Ford Explorer front

When we talk about newest Explorer which will should be released at the spring of 2017 first thing we must say about him is that he`s one of those three-row SUVs which really didn`t need to be three-row. This new 2017 Ford Explorer really have not that big room inside so we are sure that the passengers can`t be extra enjoyable inside, especially when they`re sitting in the third row. But no matter about that, this new Explorer is going to be great SUV that can really respond to many your demands, he can be taken off-road with no problem at all.

2017 Ford F250 XLT Style, Price, Engine

2017 Ford F250 XLT front

In the sea of so many trucks and among them so many trucks are Ford`s models, Super Duty is definitely model which is most wanted because it have that much different options which can really make all sort of customers happy and pleased. We can see that one of them, new 2017 Ford F250 XLT will be extra popular because he can be placed in the middle, he isn`t the most expensive and equipped or the least equipped and cheapest. He`s just where it should be, because of that, he`s extremely popular among the customers. Let`s see if you’re in the middle or you`re not.