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2018 Acura NSX Exterior and Interior

2018 Acura NSX front

Honda and their luxury brand called Acura definitely won`t give up without a fight. We are all seen how previous version of NSX was smashed by Ford`s GT on the North American Auto Show in 2015 and because of that, they`ve decided to make it perfect or nothing. Because of that, new 2018 Acura NSX is about to be produced. New and improved in so many aspects. All that Acura have prepared for this model tells us that they still have something to say.

2018 Acura MDX Released, Engine, MPG


Acura, as Honda`s luxury brand had to make this kind of luxury vehicles always. When they introduced MDX for the first time back in the 2001 it wasn`t as this amazing. They really took great care with this car and they`ve proved that they are capable to make luxury SUV. This 2018 Acura MDX is perfect example of it. This is 4rd generation of MDX and when we take a look on all the details that Acura gave him, we know that it`s going to be best MDX so far.

2017 Acura RDX Price, Engine, News


To be honest, in past few years Acura was more than serious producer and we have seen that they had really serious plans, but then, it suddenly stopped to be competitive. We haven`t seen almost anything new from them in past few years. Now, they`re getting serious again and new 2017 Acura RDX as refreshed generation of that extra popular SUV is greatest proof for that. Let`s see if they can be back on the right track.

2017 Acura ILX Changes, Design, News


Great news are coming out of the Honda`s, or Acura`s factory, to be precise. They have really serious plans with their sedan models, they want to make almost totally new cars with the same names as before. New 2017 Acura ILX will be one of those, the one which is ready to receive some significant changes which can separate him from the others. First, they need to change his look and that`s where Acura`s focus will be when they`re going to refresh this model.

2017 Acura RLX New Features, Design

2017 Acura RLX Front

We`ve seen it so many times, and this newest RLX is one more proof that Honda and Acura can`t go under perfection when they create their models. This new 2017 Acura RLX will be extra luxury sedan which will be decent enough to produce amazing power and it is obvious that it looks brilliant. We are all aware that sedans sales are little lower than it should be because of the daily increased sales of SUVs and trucks, but with more of this fabulous models, they can become popular again. Let`s see if new RLX have the power to take them bake on the top.