2018 Mini Sedan Price, Review, Design

The moment Mini as company was bought and took over by the BMW we knew that something will definitely going to be changed because previous owners didn`t know how to make success. This time, Mini, Company known by producing smallest, city cars, made for younger generation, quite fan cars, will turn to something more commercial. They`ll start making real sedans. First in line is simply called 2018 Mini Sedan and we just can`t wait to see him arriving on the streets and to see how will he really behave.


2018 Mini Sedan Exterior and Interior 

It is more than obvious, even before we have chance to see first details of new 2018 Mini Sedan that he`s going to be based on some others, more popular Mini vehicles. When we take a look on the front fascia of this Sedan, it`s clear that he have more than similar details like Mini Clubman and we can`t say it`s wrong because we love that style. Chrome grille and round headlights are surely something that can make all of you fall in love with this sedan model as only Mini can create. Both of the bumpers are definitely going to be unique with small touch to the Mini`s way of building. Both of the sides are going to be made with small changes on the and with some new lines as well. On the back of new 2018 Mini Sedan, we can see that even there are some details similar to the Clubman such as taillights and exhaustion pipes.

Of course, even the interior design will be similar to some other Mini`s models, primarily Clubman again because his cabin is what will perfectly suit to this new 2018 Mini Sedan because Mini`s  designers and engineers now wants to provide more comfort and more pleasure to their customers. We expect to see totally new set of seats, with better lumbar and with better sides support as well. There will be only premium materials added, everyone will be extra soft to touch so the customers can be more than pleasant to ride in new 2018 Mini Sedan. One thing is different inside this new Sedan and the Clubman he`ll be compared with, that`s his cargo area which will be even larger inside Sedan than on the Clubman. Functionality is extremely important for new 2018 Mini Sedan because his designers wants that to be something that will make him separated from the crowd of all other sedans.


2018 Mini Sedan Performance

We have heard that the customers which decides to buy upcoming 2018 Mini Sedan will have to choose between two sets of engine units. First, we`ll have 1.5-liter 3-cylinder engine unit which will be capable enough to create 134 horsepower and around 162 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. Second engine choice for new 2018 Sedan will be 2.0-liter 4-cylinder which will be capable enough to produce 190 horsepower and more than 207 lb/ft as torque amount. Two transmission system options will be offered for this engine choices, first, basic choice will be 6-speed automatic and addition option will be 8-speed automatic gear box which will be more than suitable for this amazing sedan option. This new 2018 Mini Sedan will have better acceleration time than Clubman and we think he`s going to make it from the 0-60 mph in only 9 seconds flat which will make his top speed around 140 mph.


2018 Mini Sedan Price and Release Date

New 2018 Mini Sedan will probably going to be estimated around $25.000 for his basic trim level and we expect it to be available as summer of 2017 ends.

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